Consider Car Rental For Your Holidays in Seychelles

Seychelles is a lovely archipelago of 115 islands; a gem in the Indian Ocean where renting a car to explore around is the best solution. With all the car rental facilities available, you will enjoy the convenience of visiting the islands at your own pace. Choosing car rental is the perfect choice for your vacation or your business trip.

There are a variety of car rental companies in Seychelles that deliver cars from the most popular made. You can choose from air-conditioned ones to jeeps, all available for your convenience. And as everywhere, most Seychelles car rental companies offer cars at a discounted price. The price usually varies in regions. You will be pleased with the quality of services, many car rental Seychelles will offer you transfer from airport & hotel pickup and drop off, some even provide you with a free road map of the island where you will be staying.

Car rental companies in Seychelles offers a wide variety of vehicles at every destination usually at a pretty low price. Most companies have there types of cars available at their website, also offering online secure booking facility for your convenience. When looking for a Seychelles car rental company, do not overlook the customer service that is available and guided by rental agents to visit places of interest and learn about the major activities in Seychelles at the time you rent a car. It is best that you plan all these things during the car rental process to make your stay in Seychelles hassle-free and only make it unforgettable.

Now that you are done with car rental, your experience in Seychelles will not just end here. Your stay in Seychelles is not complete until you visit the beautiful beaches in Seychelles, you do not really need to choose as each one are more amazing than the other. Planning everything in advance will only make your stay in Seychelles just like you wanted.

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Sixt Car Rental Overview of the Company’s History, Fleet, Policies, and Benefits

It’s hard to believe that car renting opportunities have been around as early as 1912. In Munich, Germany, Sixt started out with just three vehicles in its fleet. With more than a century in the business, the company has earned its trusted reputation with every type of traveler. Whether you’re interested in renting an economy vehicle for a business trip or a large, family-friendly SUV, you might want to begin your search with Sixt car rental.

There are more than 2,200 rental locations in 100+ countries, including every major city and tourist hot spot in the world. You can rent a car in convenient locations such airports, hotels, city centers, cruise ports, and train stations.

The minimum requirements to rent a vehicle are to be at least 21 years of age and have held a license for one year or more. However, in some places, there may be a “young driver” rental fee for 21 – 24 year olds. Additionally, further restrictions apply depending on the type of vehicle required for rental.

Don’t give yourself a headache trying to find the perfect car at a low rate. All you have to do is check out Sixt’s listings and you will easily find the ideal car for your needs. Whatever your driving needs may be, there will be a vehicle to match, from compact cars to 15-seat passenger vans. There is also a special fleet of luxury and sports cars, which include Maserati, Jaguar, premium sedans, etc. All of the vehicles in this fleet are brand new models from the top brands.

Sixt Car Rental Assistance and Benefits

While it’s not possible to choose a specific model or make of a car after booking your reservation, you can still give your request and Sixt will do their best to accommodate your preference. The vehicles all come with a full tank of gas and must be returned accordingly.

The Sixt car rental company offers a lot of benefits compared to other rental companies. For instance, you are guaranteed a new car, as the average age of vehicles in the fleet is 3 months old. Reservation changes and cancellations are completely free when you pay on arrival. There are no hidden costs, no credit card fees, and 24/7 customer service. Sixt also promises a best price guarantee.

Sometimes you’ll be able to find miscellaneous discounts and promo codes to help you save even more money. However, many of these specials are found at selected locations and are available for a limited time. Since Sixt car rental deals are always changing, keep checking to find a deal that will be suitable for your needs.

Shop online and you will enjoy Sixt car rental coupons, cheap airfare, discount cruises, and more. You’ll find the perfect car whenever and wherever you need it. Look over online discount offers and learn how to save.

The Benefits Of a Car Hire For PCO Drivers

PCO, the Public Carriage Office, has very strict regulations for cab drivers, courier companies and chauffeur driven vehicles in the city centre. In order to reduce emissions in the city centre and make sure vehicles are the best condition, cab drivers are required to have a PCO license and drive a vehicle that meets their unique specifications.

Whether you are starting your own private cab company in the city or you have an existing company and you are growing and want to expand your fleet, you will find that there are a number of benefits to car hire for PCO drivers and not purchasing a new vehicle outright.

The main benefit to a car hire for PCO drivers when using this service is you are guaranteed to enjoy the convenience of driving a young vehicle. Most of the vehicles you will have available to you will be five years of younger. Of course the benefit to this is that you have complete peace of mind that the vehicle will meet the strict Public Carriage Office requirements and that you are legally driving and transporting clients at all times.

Another reason more cab drivers are choosing car hire for PCO drivers is that they can start their own business or they can expand their fleet without a large cost. Buying a new vehicle is a very expensive exercise. You then need to license it with the Public Carriage Office, overall it can cost you thousands of Pounds Sterling, where by hiring a vehicle you don’t have that heavy cost, making it easier to start your business or expand your fleet with ease and within budget.

On the subject of budgets, one of the many benefits of car hire for PCO drivers is that you pay for the vehicle in easy to manage monthly instalments. The instalments will come in within your budget, so you can pick up your car and start enjoying the convenience of saving money in the long run. With a few pick ups and transport around the city, you will easily be able to afford the monthly premiums now and moving forward.

Due to the fact you are hiring the car, even though you may have chosen a long-term rental solution, you will not be responsible for the MOT or taxing of the vehicle. Most of the companies offering car hire for PCO drivers will also license the vehicle with PCO, so you can drive away and start working with ease and without the headaches of registration, MOT and tax.

You are guaranteed to enjoy a vehicles that is reliable and a known brand that you can trust. When choosing a vehicle, make sure you consider the practicality and how many passengers you can carry at any given time.

There is one disadvantage of choosing a car hire for PCO drivers and that is that the vehicle remains the property of the car hire specialist company and is not your vehicle. In the long run, this can also be turned into a benefit. When the vehicle reaches a certain age, you can change it out for a younger model, so you are guaranteed to always drive the latest models that meet all the PCO requirements now and in the future.

Ensure when hiring a vehicle, you understand the terms and conditions, the repayment amount and when payments need to be made. Always make sure you choose a reputable car hire specialist to work with now and in the long run.

5 Important Things to Take Care of While Hiring a Car While for Your Travel

Hiring or leasing a car for a trip or any other business purposes is something that always makes you feel confused. In most of the countries there are a number of car rental companies that compete with each other providing different services and facilities. If you are on a travel, then you must need a car to explore that particular destination in a better way. For a travel destination that is too far away from your home, renting a car is only the best option to explore the place on your own. This makes things easier for you and if you are not familiar with that location, you can even hire a travel guide to accompany you.

While renting a car, you can either drive it on your own or hire a driver for the same. Some prefer to drive the car themselves, while other prefer to hire a driver and enjoy the beauty of the different travel attractions while the car is in motion. Both methods depend upon your mood and the only thing that you need to make sure is that you enjoy the ride as well as the travel spots in that particular place.

Renting a car is not an easy task as we need to be very much careful while selecting the car and the car rental company. In any part of the world, you can see top class car leasing companies as well as car leasing companies with poor services and facilities. If you are serious about your travel, then it is highly recommended not to compromise on the quality of the services provided by the car hire company. There are a lot of factors and points that you need to take care of before making the final deal about the company and the car you are going to rent. Otherwise you might end up with some bitter experience that may completely ruin your tour.

Here are 5 of the important things that you need to take care of before hiring a car for your travel activities.

1) Do a Research on the Best Car rental Companies

If you are going to a place where you are not at all familiar with, then it is better to do a thorough research about the major car rental service providers in that area. You can do an online research or even take help from friends who are familiar with that place. Once you do a proper research, you will be in a state to determine who all are the major players and which of them provides the best services at the reasonable prices.

2) Compare Services, Rates and Facilities Offered

You can easily do a comparative study about the major companies in a particular location and can go through important factors such as facilities, rates and the services offered by different companies. By doing this you will be able to make a decision on which company to go for and what all services you need to have, depending upon your budget.

3) Evaluate Company Reputation

Company reputation is another major factor that you can easily fall upon and a company having a big name in the industry often provides the best services to its customers. It will be better to avoid companies that have bad reputation, as you might risk wasting your time and money.

4) Check the Condition of the Car

If you have finalized a car renting company, then you need to do a thorough inspection about the condition of the car that you are going to hire. Hiring a car that is in a bad state of performance can backfire and spoil your trip. So always make sure that the car is in a good running condition before hiring it.

5) Finalize the Quote Before Hiring

Once you have chosen your car, you need to ask for a finalized quote so that you will get an exact idea about the total expense. This will also help you in identifying any other hidden costs involved and if you find something fishy, you can request an explanation for that.

Apart from the above mentioned points there are a lot of things that you need to take care of and everything depends upon the nature of your travel and other geographical factors. If you are traveling in a car that is in a bad condition and do not get enough assistance from the car hiring company, then you will really feel disappointed and gets distracted from the real joy of your trip. So always select the best car from a reputed car leasing company to make your travel happy and memorable. You do not need to compromise on the quality of the car rental service and should always go with the best one.

Considerations While Hiring a Taxi Service

Travelling is fun. But sometimes it can be a headache if you have to carry your huge bags around the place. Hiring a taxi to shuttle from airport, train station and hotels or for touring and sightseeing is a reliable and time saving option. Cab drivers provide a very useful service to visitors, employees and shoppers who want to get to their destination hurriedly.

But travelling in an unknown taxi can be risky, sometime even dangerous to people, especially single women travelers. Here are some tips to help you make your journey in a taxi a pleasant one.

· Before hailing a taxi, make sure it is not off duty. Many cabs have a sign on top with the cab number. The cab is available only when the light is lit.

· Never get into a cab which is already occupied. This may be a trap and can be very dangerous leading to kidnap or robbery.

· While hiring a taxi for short trips like night out or short trips, talk about the costs per kilometer or so before hand. This way there won’t be arguments and demands for more money later on.

· Hiring a taxi in the taxi stand is the best method. You can find these stands in many places of the city. These taxis will be reliable and safer.

· As soon as you get into the cab or even before, talk to the driver and tell him where you want to go. Explain your destination very clearly and then begin to rest. There are chances of misinterpretations and going to wrong places. This will just be a waste of money and time.

· Usually taxis will have meters that monitor time and mileage. If the taxi does not have one, talk about the prices beforehand. · If your trips are planned earlier, try to find cheap cab rentals through the internet. You will know about the rates and can compare them with other services. Some companies offer special discounts for online bookings.

· If the trip is short, avoid luxurious cars. There is no point in hiring a limo to reach your hotel from the airport.

· Hire a taxi according to the number of passengers. If you are a single traveler, hire a small car. If you are a group of 5 to 6 people, hire bigger SUVs.

· Preference should be given to professional chartered cab companies. Ask around and get feedback from other people who have been there and done that.

· Make sure that the taxi has its documents and licenses if you are going on a long trip. · Also find a taxi in good shape. Old and badly maintained cars can have flat tires or stop right in the middle of a jolly trip and spoil your exciting plans.

· If you are alone or travelling during the night, note down the taxi number and if possible the driver’s license number. Be alert and do not take a nap in the taxi no matter how tired you are.

Benefits Of a Car Hire For PCO Drivers

PCO, private carriage officer, is a license required by all transport supply companies. Whether you own a car rental company and want to add to your fleet, you are a freelance driver that has opened a solo car rental company or you are a courier service, you need to have your vehicles PCO licensed to run legally in the city centre.

The requirements by the private carriage officer is that the vehicle is under ten years of age and that it meets very strict emission standards. In fact, a large majority of PCO drivers are choosing hybrid vehicles, so that they can keep their costs down, cut their carbon footprint and meet PCO requirements moving forward.

There are so many benefits to hiring a car for PCO drivers over buying and the first benefit is that you get to enjoy a younger vehicle. By reducing maintenance, you are able to put more money in your pocket each and every day. Looking at the amount of time you spend in your vehicle transporting clients, an older vehicle would struggle and over time could cost you considerably. Because vehicles are not allowed to be older than ten years of age when it comes to PCO registration, you get to enjoy a young model that you know you can rely on and trust.

When you hire a car, even when you consider a car hire for PCO drivers, you will find that there are no maintenance costs. The rental you pay each month usually includes servicing and repair, which means you get a well-maintained vehicle that you know you can rely on daily at a price you can afford. Of course saving yourself on maintenance costs, increases your profit margins considerably.

A major benefit to anyone who spends most of their time in their vehicle is that there are no MOT or licensing costs you need to concern yourself about. The rental specialist company handles all of this for you to make sure you have a legal vehicle you can drive on the roads with complete confidence day after day knowing you are within your legal requirement and that you have the tools you need to build up an excellent car hire service.

Most of the car rental companies that offer vehicles for PCO drivers have their own team of mechanics who work at the centres to make sure the fastest repair and service times. In most instances while the vehicle undergoes repairs you are issued with a temporary vehicle. Of course the benefit to this is that you don’t have to put your vehicle on hold while repairs are being carried out. This way you don’t let customers down and you make sure your business remains working at all times.

As your vehicle starts to age, you can upgrade by staying with the same company and simply changing your rental agreement. This way you are guaranteed to always have the best quality and latest models which enable you to give your clients with a reliable service daily.

Airport Taxi Services – Reach Your Destination Comfortably After a Long Tiring Flight

It is important to hire taxi services while returning home from a long international journey by air. Firstly, you will be coping up with the jet lag and exhaustion of the journey, but at the same time, you would also want to make sure that your luggage is safe. Not to forget, you will have to go through the chaotic city traffic, before reaching your homes or hotel rooms.

Thus, you need a good taxi service, which can take you to your desired destination without any hassles. Once you hire their services, you will not have to worry about your luggage or the traffic, just get into the taxi, and enjoy your drive.

A few tips to choose the best taxi service at the airport are discussed below.

How to choose a good taxi service?

· The driver provided by the company must be experienced and should know the area and routes

· They should charge fairly

· Your life and luggage should be secured by them

· The journey should be comfortable

You need to check all these basic things before hiring a taxi at the airport.

How to plan for hiring cars?

Like any other program, you also need to plan well before hiring a cab at the airport. You will need to know about the various services they offer, and their charges. Also, find out if there are any changes in their rates, during peak or off seasons.

Car rental services charge a little more than usual during festive seasons like Christmas or the New Year. As there is high demand for such services during the holiday season, you need to plan your trip accordingly.

You can also get a very good idea about the car rental companies by going through their online customer reviews on various reputed review sites and blogs. You can shortlist the companies that have the maximum number of positive reviews on various online forums. You could also take assistance from your travel agency to help you choose a good car rental company.

The comfort point of view

You also need to know about the extent of comfort and security that your taxi services provide. Whenever you are travelling in a rented car alone or with a group, comfort and safety should be assured by the service provider.

There should be enough seats and space within the vehicle to comfortably accommodate everyone in your group. The cab interiors must not be too warm or cold. The seats should be flexible and adjustable.

If you are on a holiday tour, the chauffeur can also guide you to various places of interest in the city. Thereby, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable journey.

How to book?

You can easily book an airport taxi online by visiting agency websites. All you need to do is enter the details of the number of passengers, destination address, date and time of arrival, etc. on their website. Companies offer their services at economical rates, and you can hire them to visit almost any place you want, and at any hour of the day.

Importance of Luxury Car Hire in UK

London is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that you can visit in UK. When you are travelling in the UK, car hire service is more convenient, because this will help you to travel wherever you want and you can also take as much of time as you need. The time interval depends on the agreement that you had made when you hired the car. Thus the car hire service can provide a comfortable journey for your family.

Luxury cars give you a luxury travel which will provide you an enjoyable journey. There are lots of car rental companies in the UK and some of them provide international services also. Luxury car hire in the UK is a good option for those people who need good and comfortable travel. The rental price of the luxury cars and the brand value differ from company to company. Lots of brands are available in the luxury car category and hence you have wider options to select your luxury car.

You can find the car rental company details in the yellow pages or on the Internet. Collect the details of the models that the company provides and if you can, find out their servicing details too. Once you find a good luxury car hire company, contact them to get the information about the availability of the cars and the price range that you can afford.

Most of the luxury car hire companies have their own policies and hence it would be sensible to collect detailed information from the company itself. You have to make decision about which car rental company to choose only after considering the age limit of the driver, driving license, maximum distance to travel etc. So get all the information on the luxury car hire in UK for a convenient, comfortable and safe journey.

Tips For Selecting The Coach Hiring Service

Today, the modern transportation has evolved the way the people travel to different cities of the world. With marvels of technology, the automobile industry has developed different types of coaches to provide services to the thousands of tourists for reaching the different tourism destinations. Therefore the coaches have effectively decreased the traffic levels on the roads leading to fast paced traveling for passengers who can obtain the services from different companies that offer transportation to the tourists. Coaches offer one of the most economical methods for traveling from one destination to another making the tourism convenient for the different tourists visiting their favorite monuments.

If you want to travel for a trip with plenty of people then you should hire a coach for your tour to different destinations that you have selected for reaching and exploring. It is an established fact that traveling by coach is many times economical than traveling by car that has low number of seats. The travel industry experts advise that if you are traveling with friends then you should hire a coach to accommodate them in the automobile that can help them in completing their memorable journey. When you travel by coach you will feel comfortable and relaxed because of extraordinary seats and delicious meals that are served while traveling. One of the benefits of the coach is that you and your friends will be delighted by the interaction and spend time in socializing. You should hire a coach if you want to travel to the top destinations in the city enabling your friends to spend time in the recreational pursuits.

Hiring a coach for traveling to a number of destinations is very effective because you can visit number of places in your city without experiencing any difficulties because the coach driver can transport you and your friends to the popular destination with convenience. The coach driver can perform pick up service for your team and collect your friends from different places without any difficulty. You will feel very comfortable while traveling in coach because you won’t have to spend time in driving to different locations. All you need to do is, sit in the coach and appreciate the wonders of natural beauty that you can view while traveling. The traveling experience can be appreciated by you and your friends who can view the most dazzling destinations by visiting the monuments and parks in their selected city.

One of the fundamental benefits of hiring a coach is that the service is outstanding and the automobile standard is impressive. Many of the companies publicize that they are the top coach providers in the travel industry nevertheless it may not be true. Therefore we take this opportunity to inform you that many coach service providers offer top quality services. To provide you an idea of the coach standards you can consider the coaches in which you travel for school. They can be considered as top quality coaches designed to perform the specific task of transporting the children from their schools to home. Therefore, the coaches designed for viewing the different traveling destinations are also manufactured with the same objective, to keep the travelers amused and entertained with the traveling experience.

Benefits Of Cheap Car Rental

If you are going on a holiday or a business trip, it is essential to book a cheap car rental well in advance so that a car is available to you as soon as you reach your destination. It saves a lot of hassle as it avoids standing in long queues at the car rental desk and then realizing that it would take some more waiting for the car to come. Driving your own car or a company car is convenient for short distances within your city, but when you are visiting a different city or if you have a long distance to travel, the only viable option is to hire a cheap car rental.

Moving about in a holiday destination along with your family would need a large family car. An online cheap car rental service would be the ideal agency to contact for all your special needs. It is therefore essential that before you set out on your journey to another city or holiday destination, you should check different websites offering car hire services. Then select the most reputed and reliable online agency. The prime consideration in your choice would be the cost factor, but you must not sacrifice quality and safety for a lower price.

Advantages Of Booking Cheap Car Rental In Advance

* The most important advantage is that you can negotiate a lower rate if you book in advance, especially if you do so online. It is very difficult to negotiate for a cheap car rental at the desk because there will be so many other people waiting their turn for a car hire.

* By booking in advance, you can get the advantage of choosing the car that you like if it is available with the car hire agency. At the airport desk, it is always a scramble to get any car that is available and the question of choosing a car simply does not arise.

* If you are traveling with your family, you might need a 4×4 that would accommodate you, your family, and your luggage. If you book in advance for a cheap car rental, you might be able to get the large vehicle that you need. At the airport desk, you would be left with no choice but to hire two or three cars to go to your hotel.

* By comparing the prices of different online car hire firms, you can achieve economy and also get to hire the vehicle of your choice.

* You will have a greater chance of being able to get prestigious business cars like Mercedes or 7-series BMW if you book in advance. You may not be able to get these at the airport.

* Booking in advance for a cheap car rental will take the load off your head. You would not have any stress when you land at the airport. This is especially true when you are traveling with your family. You will be under great stress if you have not booked in advance and are not sure whether you will get the appropriate car at the airport desk and how long it will take.

If you are traveling abroad, it is absolutely essential to book a cheap car rental in advance. You might not know the local language and the prevalent rates and you might get conned by the local taxi drivers.